U2 was...well...U2. They did what they do best. Perform. Nothing less than a show Saturday night in Carter Finely Stadium in Raleigh. It was Muse that really blew me away. I think most musicians are blown away by the technicality and genius of the music of Muse. U2 is more accessible though and that was what the crowd came to see + they certainly delivered.

We unfortunately sat most of the show due to pure sleepiness from waking up at 5 AM. My superhuman lady friend decided she'd swim/bike/run a triathlon. Impressive indeed, but by the end of the U2 set (and somewhat before it), we were wiped. A great local Raleigh photographer has some better pics of U2 here:

U2 in Raleigh

And check out Amy Hath's triathlon photos:

Lake Royal Triathlon

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