The Wolf Moon

I talked about the amazing, mystical beauty of the "wolf t-shirt" in this entry. But this just might be the best blog worthy find ever thanks to neighbor Amy Hath (a great Raleigh photographer btw).

I give to you:

The Mountain Men's Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee

Isn't it glorious?!! (if you didn't click on the link yet. Do it!) Made popular by Dwight on The Office. But the best part? The comments. Please scroll down to read them. One only has to look at the first comment to be amazed:

This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that's when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the wolves on my shirt that I, like a wolf, am a mysterious loner who knows how to 'howl at the moon' from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn't have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-shirt shouldn't settle for the first thing that comes to him.

I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.

Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women
Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the 'guns'), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.

Keep reading. I think at least 10 of the entries were written by the same person, but enteraining nonetheless. It's been commented on over 1500 times. Ah what prime time TV can do.

This guy tries to dissuade purchasers of the mighty shirt:

To the Consumer: It is my sincere hope that a rational approach will find its place among those who consider buying this t-shirt. None of the above argumentation is meant to dissuade anyone from purchasing/enjoying this garment. However, I must stress that such purchase/enjoyment should be done calmly, with a rational mind, as one would buy any other item of clothing. In so doing one is practicing responsible consumerism and perpetuating the spirit of rationality which benefits us all. Any unusual effects should be handled by a trained medical professional.

I must say. It's hard to resist.


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