Interaction Part Deux

Bass Drum: Dude I got absolutely hammered last Saturday.

Snare: Yea, but at least you got hit with a felt beater. Hickory sticks cuz. They burn.

Hi-hats: Whatevs.

Snare: You're made of like....

Hi-hats: Metal?

Snare: Exactly.

Me: Doods. Show Thursday!

Bass // Snare // Hi-hats: WHA?!

Me: Doods. This be the Lincoln Theatre. You shall each have a mic. Your sounds shall shine to perfection. All your crystal clear language will be heard by the masses.

Bass: What if I don't want to?

Me: Doesn't matter. Plus. The stage is bigger. The lights are brighter. Everyone can see you in your bass beautimus glory.

Snare: Well I for one am down for this.

Hi-hats: It sounds like I've been put in a corner.

Me: Indeed. 8 o'clock kids. Showtime.

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