25 Right or Wrong

I'll get it from several people for this, but it's no wonder I cancelled my PASTE subscription. You guys are so effing predictable. You and your 25 best albums on the year:

Passion Pit number 16? Avett Brothers number 1? Of course you'd give it to the Avetts you worthless mag. I kinda get Animal Collective at number 2. I don't really get into them (its the vocals that turn me down - I dig all the dancey beats), but that's fine. I'll let you have that. And you can't put a compilation on there (Dark Was The Night) as much as I like the compilation you added, there are a dozen better WHOLE albums by ARTISTS.

Grizzly Bear at 11? Fine. I don't own, but I've streamed it a dozen times and it's brilliant. You've lost me. You're just trying to gain internet traffic now. Oh there was this super power of a band called "Dead Weather" that released one of the best 25 albums of '09 too.

There's my vent. Sorry if you clicked the link. Sorry if you like music.



Brian said...

Paste has a decent following of people that are fans of coffee house/college radio/NPR music with a splash of post modern church. So their lists and coverage have to reflect that.
last year they picked She and Him as the album of the year. Granted, it was a slow year for music in 2008. But pick something less forgettable. I threw in the towel then. Paste lost all relevance then in my mind. Everyone is allowed to their own opinion, but come on. No one had She and Him in top 10's anywhere else. (At least other magazines and .com's have listed Avett in the top 5 in theirs. It's a good album.)

Animal Collective? I don't get either. Pitchfork listed it Dirty Projectors, and Grizzly Bear in the top of the decade. A DECADE that was pretty strong. Girls is a fun happy song. That's it in my mind.

If Paste got you wound up, look at the Grammy nominations. ohhh baby!

Revolu said...

Indeed the Grammy's aren't even worth a blog mention. I just think Paste has such an Avett fetish that it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I don't deny the album's goodness. It was just so predicable. Good points though. At least She+Him was unpredictable. I disagreed with it, but at least it was a suprise.