Text Pile Up

How many of you have the internet on your phone? Basically do you have an iPhone, Blackberry or some kind of mobile device you check email on constantly?

I don't and it's probably a good thing, but recently my awesome Motorola flip phone has been stacking up messages and bomb blasting me all at one time. Last night I had three text messages in a row, back to back, one second after the other all at one time. This has also led to several conversations like, "dang Brent you never return texts or chats. are you getting my text? do you even like to text or you just like 20th Century or something?"

I do text as my wife will attest. Probably too much. I can't help it I have a flip phone. Well I guess I could help it, but right now I don't want to. But if you have one of those mobile media phones, do you really like it? Do you find yourself too connected to the grid? Like you're always online?

I don't have one + I feel pressure from some invisible source that tells me I have to get one to be connected (even though I'm on my computer most of the day so I'm always connected to something). If you don't have one of these devices, do you find yourself wanting one?


(I kinda like my flip phone)

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