The Eye + Superman

No blogging yet this week. It has been a calm week after a rousing game of ultimate friz this past Sunday. Don't know what ultimate friz is? Well shame on you.

But went to the eye doctor today? Raise your hand if you like the eye doctor. Right. The eye doctor sucks. Like going to any other doctor usually, but I'm technically unemployed still (for the most part) so when they try and sell me on @#$% after I've told them I'd like to keep my costs as minimal as possible, I feel like I've been talking with a brick wall or some other inanimate object.

The other thing is insurance companies yall. I don't want to get into the health care debate and I know wonderful people who sell insurance products, but after sitting in some kind of health office you realize how bunk it is. I sit there and pay a premium each month only to have to pay a ridiculous amount when I leave still. So it seems to me the only folks winning are those that can really afford the good stuff which really isn't too many folks these days.

Or you're super man + you don't get sick, you can see for miles (or through things) and you have brute strength.

Unfortunately not me.



heanguy said...

I'm weird... I look forward to going to the eye doctor and dentist.

Revolu said...

Dentist I guess I understand I bit. That cleaning thing can be nice (though I can't vouch. Haven't been in years). But eyes man. Guess it's like keeping your car up to date. Good to know.