Music that's free on Friday (UPDATE)

This day in age it's pretty hard to make anything off being a musician. The task is incredibly daunting and for most of us, it's a second job without any monetary payoff. But we do it because we love it. My brother is one of those. He gave me a CD full of some of his new tunes this past Christmas. He told me to pass it around + give it away. I posted a link to one of his tunes in this post.

So that is what I'll do because some that read this blog know him well. Others not at all, so here's an introduction:

I have no idea what he's actually calling the album, but I'm calling it 2009 because he gave it to me this past Christmas (Dave correct me if need be + I'll update the link). Note: this is NOT Christmas music.


For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, The Avett Brothers, Bon Iver

UPDATE: This music will be FREE until my brother asks me to remove it. So it shall be free on days other than Friday.

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