Name Something

One of things that changed my life and created a stir of music in me was Pink Floyd's album, Dark Side of the Moon. Honestly I don't listen to that album enough, but I put it in this evening while I was preparing dinner and almost 20+ years later I'm still blown away by it.

One of my most vivid memories as a child was my dad putting that record on while he was working at the kitchen table one night. He stopped, like he often did, to show me something. He calmly began to show and explain to me what a vinyl record and player were. He then pulled the LP out of it's sleeve, quietly placed it on the table and slowly the music began to fade into this miraculous thing.

At the time it wasn't one of those things where lights go off in your head. Instead, it's one of those moments where you just enjoy the place and know that something is in order in your life. That is what music does to me. I have my dad to thank for it. And for the 3rd time this evening, I'm going to listen to that album again.

Has anything changed you?


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