Really, really

A friend asked me yesterday, "would you go back through school for architecture knowing you'd be where you are now?"


Actually I probably would crazy enough. I thoroughly enjoyed school and the people I got to know there. Architecture + music actually translate really well, it turns out that architecture is a really, really painful profession. You pour a lot of work in up front. You go to school for 5 years just to receive a BA thing at the end. After that they make you do this internship for 3 years then take a really, really long test. This is probably good since we are designing buildings.

Then again, my brother is in the "Digital Media" major and it sounds awesome. I might have done something like that. Don't ask me what it is, but when he tells me about his projects they sound great.

The short of this is, I'm venting on the profession I chose + I'm telling you with much force, that if you'd like to become an architect.

Think really, really hard about it.


"If I had known then, what I know now..." - Pearl Jam - Red Mosquito

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