I talked about cell phones, but the world is moving to these tablet looking things, basically mini computer / iphones with your entire life on it. It will keep you so connected to the world that you'll never forget. Anything. Ever. Again!

It's true.

I professed my hidden love for my flip phone here. But by the time I'm able to get an iphone thingy, it will most certainly be a thing of the past and everyone will be checking there twitter pages from this thing. Someone once asked me if I they thought we'd see the time when chips were embedded in peoples hands, and that time might come, but not for my generation.

My generation likes gadgets and they want to own something. As much as we like to reduce our lives and files and clutter, we like having ownership behind something. For many it's our computers, phones, cars, houses. Things ya know. So probably no tablet for me (as cool as that thing looks bro).

The future!


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