This is Starting to Sound Good

One of the best concerts I saw in Asheville (and I saw some good ones - Smashing Pumpkins, Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, Black Crowes, Mutemath, Band of Horses) was by Leslie Feist. I've been wondering when she might make a follow up to her gorgeous album, The Reminder. It looks like 2010 might be the year. Here's a vid of a new tune called He Was Free. Though the vid isn't much, you can hit "play" and skip to another tab whilest listening. That's what I did twice while typing up this post. Here's the vid:

Some great tunes have come out this year + it's only February:

Beach House
Massive Attack
Patty Griffin
(though it's not my cup of tea, there is no denying that it's good)
Four Tet

Haven't explored:

Hot Chip
Vampire Weekend

Looking forward to:

Peter Gabriel - Scratch my Back - collection of dark covers that are wonderfully done. I don't think I'll buy it cos it's almost too dark for me, but from what I heard it seems beautiful. Check out "My Body is a Cage" cover by Arcade Fire.
Rogue Wave
Jonsi (from Sigur Ros)
Arcade Fire
The Strokes

What a year it could be.


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Juicy said...'s not too late to get Peter Gabriel for me for a late valentine's day prezzie.