Izzy - UPDATED 3.2.10

Many may know her as the "Johnson's Mountain Dog" but she has mysteriously ended up in our home for a bit. She was given to a good friend of ours here in Raleigh only to find that our good friend had her apartment complex renig on their pet policy and not let our good friend keep Izzy (long story + hit me up if you'd like to know more, but that's the skinny).

So here we are with sweet, awesome Izzy trying to find a good home for her to go to. So here's the question I pose to the readers of my blog:

Do you know of anyone or would you like to take Izzy home with you?

She's a 6 year old Bernese Mountain dog, well trained (though she gets nervous in new places at first, she's quickly warmed up in our home) and amazingly awesome. Basically she does what all Bernese Mountain dogs do at this age which is lay around and eat twice a day. She needs a good home to someone or some family that can give her lots of attention.

Jess + I have two dogs already so you can imagine that attention is a bit harder to come by in our house. Nonetheless Izzy is doing super well. We just want to find a super owner for her. So you can hit me up by commenting or by emailing:

bsfrancese (at) gmail.com (just replace the "at" with "@" and get rid of the spaces.

Oh + she looks just like her sister Tahoe:


UPDATE: Corinne has made her own post on Izzy with more details (and an actual picture of her). You can check out that post here.


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Corinne said...

I have photos and more info on Izzy if anyone is in need. Email me lisacorinne (at) gmail.com.

Like Brent said, she is supper sweet (aka 85lb lap dog if you will let her), a little timid, and lazy... but loves to go on walks, runs, hikes too if you get around to it. She just needs some love and attention. We have a toddler and a baby on the way and although she isn't aggressive to the least, she doesn't really care to be chased or bothered with the little one, much less two of them.

(of the aforementioned Johnson Family)