There are very few things that I like more than March Madness. This year's bracket looks somewhat impossible to predict. I hate spring though. Don't get me wrong. I like the cool nights + warm days, but I hate humidity + losing an hour. I'm not a huge fan of baseball unless I have tickets to a game (it is such a bore to watch on television. I'm convinced basketball should be "America's Game," but James Naismith was from Canada I think).

But this June comes the World Cup, giving hope for my summer sport blues. England is hobbing into the competition giving the US hopes of advancing (they are in the same group) past the group stage. I'm an England fan usually, but the thoughts of England/US match up sound awesome. Footy, however, is not "America's Game" and I'm for certain that we shall be crushed. One can hope.

What is your favorite sport?
Do you even like sports or maybe you just like soap operas?
Who will win this years championship? (wink - Kansas)
Who will win this years World Cup?
Do you like soap operas?


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