I'm fitting shoes here at Fleet Feet Raleigh. So if you need a running shoe you should come by. A new part time gig to give my running some more motivation + to hopefully alleviate some financial stress here in the family.

If you don't run, well you should because it's a great sport. Have an injury? We can work on that too. Most people are running/exercising in the wrong kind of shoe so make sure you're in the right one.

Ok. I sound like a salesman. Scary.

But the good thing is I am running more. Sort of. Until I pulled my achilles in a 5K this past Saturday. I was feeling really good. Ran a 6 minute first mile when my leg just cinched up on a ridiculously large hill. It's the first time I've run a good first mile + felt good enough for the second. My legs weren't ready so this week will be a rest week + I'll do my best to ease back into it next week.

Spring is good for running, unless you have those allergies things.


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