I don't review many albums (I mentioned Passion Pit's Manners last year), but feel like reviewing this one because it's brilliant. Jonsi's GO. The former Sigur Ros frontman strikes gorgeous chords and composes rising anthems that sing for a generation of youth looking for hopeful themes (see '08 election).

This simple 9 song LP is organized in a cohesive almost classical fashion. He sings amazingly contrite and almost corny type lines like, "We should always know we can do anything." But it doesn't matter, because the delivery here is beautiful. Jonsi's somewhat slurred English (he sings in Icelandic in Sigur Ros) doesn't matter really. There is a match of music + tone that I haven't heard in sometime + the rhythmic gestures help carry the way.

If you are a fan of big anthems, bright classical pieces and uplifting emotional themes, I'd highly suggest giving GO a quick pass. And then perhaps a slower one. It's better digested the third and forth time around.

Especially this time a year. I have a feeling I'll be spinning GO every spring. Here are a few samples (videos included in the player as well as an NPR review) to get a better understanding of the album. See titles Go Do, Tornado, Boy Lilikoi:

Also see the new Band of Horses track Laredo which can be heard streaming right HERE! New album May 18th.



barclay keir said...

yehh i'm going to the concert on thursday! so flipping excited. best concert ever

Revolu said...

wait jonsi or BOH? Either way, jealous.

barclay keir said...

it was jonsi. tonight. absolutely incredible ... and we became friends backstage afterwards. sweet