Life Update of Sorts

For those that don't live in Raleigh + read this blog (probably 3 of you), well this post is one of the general, how are you doing kind of things. Because let's face it Brent, I'm not good at phone calls. I don't keep in touch with people well. And when I see someone who I haven't seen in awhile and they ask, "So how are things?" I usually give the blank stare followed by, "Things are good." Which really doesn't tell you much.

So how are things?

Raleigh is good (there ya go with the cliche answer). I never thought we'd adjust to living here like we did especially after I lost my job just 60ish days after moving back in August of '08. We've had obstacles don't get me wrong, but all in all I really like living in Raleigh compared to life 5 years ago. Most of that is attributed to my wife, some of it to Raleigh itself and a good bit to the friends that surround us.

For those that don't know, Jess is still teaching at Daniels Middle (even after all the crazy budget cuts and layoffs) as well as Great Outdoor Provision Company. I'm doing a variety of things such as working at Fleet Feet Raleigh part time, teaching drum lessons, playing in a slew of bands (Silver + Jack the Radio), freelancing graphic design + architecture + whatever else Jess puts on my list for the day.

We're going to England, Scotland, Ireland in two weeks just to go + enjoy the sites + hopefully some World Cup games in a dark dreary pub or two. That is our big summer plan. Jess will probably hit Michigan + I'll work at Fleet Feet for the duration + they'll be a show or two in there as well. But honestly I'm just going to try to survive the heat + get into the fall, because everyone knows the fall is the greatest of all seasons.

Any questions? Feel free to leave them. I will respond accordingly.


And yes I did buy a pair of tight jeans. Everyone knows. And I know everyone knows.


Mandy said...

Is Jesse from Michigan? If so what parts?

Revolu said...

Nope. Her folks have had a place up there since she was a wee lass. So they go up there every summer to cool down. Near Traverse City. It's great this time of year.

blj said...

Thanks bro. I hate I live your life vicariously through your blog. All the same, grateful for the update. Stay well.

Revolu said...

It's ok. I live vicariously through it too.