Running Tips: The Foam Roller

Get one yall. If you don't know what a foam roller is well, let me introduce you to this simple piece of machinery:

Honestly, there isn't much too it. But if there is any tightness to your legs after a good duration of exercises, this would have to be my first pick to help you get over your soreness. It is especially good for IT band soreness, the glutes, hamstrings, calves, but you can use it on almost any muscle.

Simplicity is the beauty here. Basically this thing is just a piece of foam the you sit and roll back + forth on to work out the lactic acid out of your muscles. And does it do the trick. Try the IT band stretch + you'll know what I mean.

I won't go into deets about all the exercises, but here is a good link to an article on how they work as well as some photos on various common exercises (worth a click if you'd like to see how they work in a bit more detail):

Come to Fleet Feet (shameless plug) and get one. They costs like 20 bucks + your legs will thank you.


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