Running Tips: Recovery

I've effectively run 92 miles in the last month averaging around 15-20 miles a week which isn't much for me when I look at past mileage. But there's something different than past months after coming back from a rest period in my running. After my first full month of running from the break, I feel good. The key? There are two of them. 1. Not going out too fast. 2. Recovery.

Focus on your workouts + your body + forget about mileage for a second. For some people this isn't a problem. For me, it's a big one. I grew up running sometimes twice a day. Racing was routine so the idea of running 50-60 miles a week was normal. The idea of running 20 is sometimes a dent in my pride. All this to say, I have a big fault. I don't listen to my body. And most people don't, but for different reasons.

If you need a rest day, take one. If you feel like biking instead of running. Most definitely get on your bike. If you feel like eating a slice of pizza, go ahead (just don't do it everyday :) What would your body do if you tried to run everyday for the next year? For most of us, it wouldn't have a happy ending. What's the point? Your body needs recovery. It needs rest. Just get the proper kind. Whether it's a day off, walking, biking, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, whatever, your body needs it so work it into your weekly plans (sometimes it works itself in).

So find that recovery and cherish it. It'll make you a better runner.

How do you recover?


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