An English Hiatus

The blog will be fairly stagnant for the next couple weeks because yours truly (with the Juicy Tubes + Ms. Griesmann) will be over the pond. Yes we are going to England, Ireland + Scotland for two weeks.

It all started 4 years ago in a sweaty, crowed pub in Charlotte, NC watching England + Portugal in the World Cup quarterfinals (click on the link to re-live the event "sort-off" + excuse my post title). Several of us decided to make a pact that at the next World Cup we'd make the trek to England, live it up + watch some games on English soil. So alas! Here we are about to take off in one days time.

Bags are slowly being packed. See you soon with new stories in hand.



Kate said...

"Alas" has no place in that post.

Revolu said...

But it was kinda "english" sounding. I had to get it in there.