High Violet + a Surprise

I will respond with a review of this album by simply saying it's the best one purchased this year. For some, this album will come off as a depressing set of tunes led to make birds cry. I for one will claim that it is a glorious album of emotional proportions. Highlights: Sorrow + Runaway.

I also just bought the new Black Keys album, + let me tell you, it might be the surprise of the year as far as music goes. I was pretty disappointed with the last one, but this batch is striking a match of beautiful blues explosion!

Here's my ranking to date:

1. The National
2. Beach House
3. LCD Soundsystem
4. Jonsi
5. The Black Keys

Others (* not yet purchased): The Dead Weather *, Band of Horses *, MGMT, Massive Attack, Vampire Weekend, Gorillaz *

And the new Arcade Fire hasn't even broke yet! Glorious year.



Will said...

Out of the albums you haven't purchased yet, I would go with The Dead Weather first. I wasn't impressed with the Gorillaz new album. The Band of Horses album is good, but out of the three, my suggestion is The Dead Weather "Sea of Cowards".

Revolu said...

Ah thanks Will. I've been debating + absolutely loved the last Dead Weather record. It took some restraint to not get the new Band of Horses. But alas I wait. Thanks for the suggestion.