Local Showz

The blog has suffered due to my micro-blogging over at Twitter. My posts have become less frequent, but alas!


Jack the Radio has a show at the Evening Muse on Friday in Charlotte w/Brett Harris + a big show in Winston Salem on Saturday at the Garage w/Brett Harris + Bright Young Things. Things heat up again in August as Silver is poised to open for Lifehouse on August 20th on NC State's campus. All the links are to Facebook events (sorry I've given in) if you'd like further details on each show.


I've gotten an early screening of Acrade Fire's "Suburbs." I must say I think it's the album I've wanted to hear written for the last 20 years. That said, it might be the album of the year (or years). There is a premature evaluation of the record of at Stereogum via this link. There are so many influences and so many sounds on their records, yet they are able to pull them together in an album in a whole cohesive theme that speaks incredible volumes. I'm sure I'll have many that will disagree with this point, but I haven't heard too many bands other than Radiohead pull together such diverse sounds and put together such a complete record.

It's a must buy when it's released on 8/3. I've pre-ordered my vinyl/digital download copy.

And I just said the other day I needed some "Darkness on the Edge of Town." How well timed.

Thanks Win.


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