The English Premier League officially begins on August 15th. My Hull City Tigers won't be there to bring in the new season so as most who know me know, the Newcastle Magpies will be my Premier League team this season (and every season thereafter if the Tigers aren't up). I can only hope that one day some American television station will carry these wonderful games so I don't have to go into some pub at 10 A.M. and watch them.

The World Cup is now ending upon tomorrow afternoon and it brings me much sorrow. I will have to wait another 4 years. But I have the next 2 to pull for the 3 Lions in the Euro 2012 Championship. Let's just hope they qualify. For those that don't know:

The nations from Europe have a competition every 4 years to compete for the best European nation in football. 4 years ago Spain won the trophy. As you'll see tomorrow, Spain will compete for the World's trophy.


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