Running Tips: Hydrate

It's hot. At least here in Raleigh, it's really hot. And it doesn't look like it's going to cool down anytime soon making water even more crucial on your runs these days.

Keep your runs early or late and try to avoid running in the afternoon/early evening hours. I had to do this last week and my heart rate sky rocketed due to the heat. An easy workout quickly turned into murder.

More importantly, get water into your system BEFORE you lace up. It's easier to do this if you do your runs in the afternoon. Consistently drink during your day. If you do your runs in the morning hours, Ryan Hall (professional competitve + Olympic runner) suggests "starting off the day with 20 ounces of water before eating." If running for more than 30-45 minutes, take a small 4-8 ounce bottle with you on your run. Most hydration companies (Nathan + Fuel Belt) make what is called "sprint bottles" that are light (even with water in them) and fit easily in your hand for mid distance runs.

And lastly, apparel is crucial. More crucial on the longer runs, it can sometimes be the difference between a good run and a miserable one. It's one of those areas in running I don't like paying attention to all that often, but a light synthetic shirt can go along way in the sun.

Stay cool.


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