TDF 2010

This years Tour de France has been epic. Early crashes. Big sprints with head butts. And of course the Andy Schlek vs. Alberto Contador duel. I'm a big Schlek fan, especially after seeing the young 25 year old race well with his brother last year. I was certain this would be his year. And it still could be, but going into tomorrow's time trial 8 seconds behind Contador does not favor the young rider. He needed to pick up some time today + it wasn't there.

Lance has crashed out (basically). Andy's older brother Frank has crashed out. Australian champion (and who I was pulling for early on) Cadel Evan's is racing with a broken elbow + is just trying to finish the Tour, yet the dual between Contador + Schlek has kept the tension high + the Tour in the headlines. Let us hope that competitive attitude keeps the race in the limelight + not the constant doping allegations + findings.

Armstrong has hired a lawyer to battle the allegations of Floyd Landis + it appears that when this Tour settles down we'll be hearing some shots back + forth again. I hope the sport can move past it and into better racing days ahead.



If you are a runner, I'd highly suggest getting on a bike a few times a month. It's a great cross training activity.

The Luxembourg man Schlek.

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