Running Reviewed: The Stache Will Make You Faster

In this post I mentioned the fastest stache of all. There were no thoughts on me growing a Pre mustache. My wife had her doubts, but I would say "lightly encouraged" the Stache Project. But I am happy to say that the Stache is in it's third day of growth + stronger than ever.

Trust me. I had my doubts too. But upon some laughter I was surprised not at just the pure glory of the Stache itself with its wonderful shape hovering just above my upper lip, but at the quickness of it.

Quickness? Really? Can a mustache really make one faster? Well after 3 days of running I can proudly deem the Stache worthy of this claim. Friday was 5, Saturday was 8, Sunday was 4. All personal bests. I looked in my watch in wonder. Then looked at my face.

Could it be? Is this wonderful creation really making me faster?

Indeed. I believe it is.


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