This will be a cliche post.

It's weird to think how much I worry about things with all the bad stuff going on already all over the world. I am very blessed. Two years ago I lost my job. I now have a new one. I have a house, a car, dogs, a cool fence, a bike, lots of drums. Yeah you get it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with that thought. I think about the bad things cause...well...I'm a pessimist and...well...I'm cynical. But this morning I was meeting some dudes for breakfast and after we were done I was waiting to pull out into morning traffic. It was busy + loud. 2 cars were ahead of me and an older gentleman decided to let all three cars in line ahead of him. I kindly waved to thank him. We got in line to wait at the stop light, and I noticed a car in the parking lane to my right with his turn signal on waiting to join the bustling line. The car in front of me kindly obliged + let him in. Just then a mom running with her kid stopped wanting to cross the road. The light turned green, but the car that had just joined the line stopped and waved her across. All this happened within 30 seconds.

It doesn't sound like much, but I couldn't remember a time when I had witnessed such a domino affect of kindness. I don't know if the people in each car were reacting to each other or if it was just coincidence, but then I remembered. As broken as each of us are, we still have that sense of goodness.

Even if it's only for a second.


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Emmie Grey said...

i love this. thanks for sharing. really.