The Walkmen

Several surprises came out of this years music scene.  Among great releases by The National + Arcade Fire came a slew of other great LPs that didn't disappoint.  There were a few let downs, but many surprises in what turned out to be a stellar year for music.  Raleigh didn't disappoint either with it's true first ever music festival in what was twitterized all over the city as #hopscotchfest.  The following weekend brought an all out art, visual, music and more festival in SPARKcon.    It's what makes living in this city so great.

I wrote up a mid year ranking of records to date in this post, but wanted to share a few surprises.  One of the biggest comes in a band tagged The Walkmen.  Though The Walkmen have been around for quite sometime I first heard them open for Kings of Leon (indie rockers will cringe at that sentence).  And I only caught a glimpse (basically the very end of their set).  They've released four records to date with the newest, Lisbon, being released just last week.  The more I listen to the music, the more enthralled I am with it.  The emotion of the vocals and the overall sound of their records gets better with each listen.  There's a vintage sound here that hints back to Dylan.  The lyrics are sung that way.  And it doesn't disappoint.

If you are looking for a band to watch check out this vid of The Walkmen on La Blogoteque.  It's quite mesmerizing.   I think you may understand what I'm talking about.   Maybe not.  But their new record bleeds with emotion.

Surprises this year:

1.  The Walkmen - Lisbon
2.  The Black Keys - Brothers
3.  The Temper Trap - Conditions

All one word records.  Interesting.  Also click on that Temper Trap link.  This Melbourne, Australia band has some sick sounds.  Toured with Arcade Fire for awhile.


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