The new KoL is turning out to be a great record.  Honestly I was a bit nervous for them.  Wasn't sure how'd they react to all the fame of their last record.  But I'm diggin on the new one.

Gotta say life is as hectic as it has ever been for me.  Since graduating from NC State I've had several jobs. Probably too many.  I've worked at 3 architecture firms, been unemployed and now I'm selling shoes.  Life isn't what you always make of it.  I'm being paid less.  Working more.  But somehow life is as fulfilling as it has ever been.  Most of that is because I have been able to cram a lot of music in there.  Creativity just breeds good things. Most of it is being married to this woman.

Then there's the hole in my roof.  I just came home from a night in the woods where Pat + I came up with 5 conceptual ideas.  Then I came home to a hole in the roof.  I patched it, but I need a new roof.  A new roof is expensive.

Jack the Radio records next Sunday.  Silver records November 1st.


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