What's On Your Feet

I've been tinkering with my shoes for awhile now.  Studying feet + watching people walk + run all day makes you think a lot about the things you do when you're running.  Needless to say, I've found myself changing my form more + more over the years + cutting the stability further back in my shoes.

I remember being fit in my first pair of shoes over 15 years ago.  They were Nike Structure Triaxs.  It's a shoe still around today.  Then I was told to try Brooks Adrenalines + Asics DS Trainers for shorter runs.  A friend had me try a few runs in Asics Kayanos.  I trained for a marathon with them.  But I was constantly nagged with knee issues, and I was fed up.  I was sure it was over training + a good bit of it probably was.  But I attribute it more now to form + what was on my feet.

Several months ago I made the switch to a fairly light stability trainer in the Mizuno Inspire + overall the experience has been a good one, but as I've ramped up my training I've felt twinges in my IT band + the outside of the knee which had me thinking, "if I'm running faster am I running different?"  Probably.  And I laced on some Nike Frees once a week to help alleviate with the pain.  Overall the Frees have really helped that pain + I now do 3-4 training runs in them.  The problem?  Every time I go back to my Mizunos I feel the knee twinges once again.  Today I ran in my racing flats because I didn't want to do another long run in the Frees, but I'm finding myself slowly drifting into the minimalist market.  Maybe not.  Maybe I'll develop plantar fasciitis + forget everything in this post.  For now, I've felt the healthiest I've felt in years + I'm enjoying my running now more than ever (due mostly to dropping my training plans + just going out for a good run).

Some big changes are developing in the shoe industry + we've seen that shoe companies are going to push minimalist shoes this spring.  While I'm excited, I'm also apprehensive.  Companies will also be looking for a way to make a buck so the market will be saturated, but that just makes searching that much more fun.

What are you running in?

See you out there.


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