I was reading that story where Abraham in the Bible is told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Apparently the word for the story in the Hebrew is Akedah which means binding.  I would've thought the word "sacrifice" would've represented the story.

But then you read it + you realize it isn't about Abraham sacrificing anything but Abraham letting go + believing something outside of himself.  He bound this human boy up only to let it go.

The Bible is heavy.


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DEnzor said...

Has your HG gone through Story Formed Way yet? I think that learning module does a great job of pointing out how we often think our life and everything in it is all about us - when in reality it is God's story. I do love this story of Abraham & Isaac - because it is crazy to imagine God would tell someone to kill their son, but if you read it as a testament to God's commitment to us, it is mind blowing.